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For the purposes of minimising risk, and maximising security, several security features have been omitted from the following statements. For the benefit of our clients we refrain from publishing full details.

Security overview:

Dover Truck Stop has 3 meter  security fencing, the fence lineis patrolled by our security staff and has complete coverage by 13 separate CCTV cameras in addition to thermal imaging alarms which detect any breach or attempt to breach thefencing, automatic remote cameras focus on the area in question and our security staff are automatically alerted.

(additional cameras operate that monitor internal and external parts of our facility)

Both the entrance and exit have 6ft barrier, operated by our security staff and are monitored by CCTV and our ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition system).

All vehicle movements are monitored, and recorded and stored along with CCTV images.

Owned and operated by  Priority Freight Ltd who hold High security approvals in addition to being MOD and PACT approved you can rest assured our 13 years of transporting and storing high value loads brings complete peace of mind to our many customers.

Our CCTV was supplied and installed by Cam-Tech security. Cam-tech have a wealth of expertise in the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV, Access Control, Electric Gates and Barriers in Kent. Profile includes Local government, and  high profile manufacturing and storage facilities.

CitySync specifically develop innovative technology solutions in the field ANPR. They develop recognition and application software which  support ANPR hardware products. Their Profile includes high security  applications for local and central government.

Owned and operated by Priority Freight Ltd, 6 -7 Menzies Rd, Port Zone, Dover, CT16 2HQ +44(0)1304 828 111

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